IDARS/ECM Case Study

Our Partner

A firm which stores, manages, and protects records, media, and electronic data for more than 150,000 corporate clients. Our technology is used in a consolidated Internet-based solution which manages the retrieval and management of large volumes of electronic documents, including e-mail.

The Client

A leader in the managed services industry with operations in a diverse range of markets including catering, meeting planning, education, janitorial services, recreational activities, job training, and corporate apparel.

The Challenge

Our partner developed a systematic solution for large scale e-mail archiving in order to meet repository of record requirements. Once this system was in production, functionality needed to be added for reporting that could be flexible enough to support various report formats, with access secured down to the client level.

The Solution

Our API was integrated into our                partner’s archiving system for converting AFP and Metacode to electronic document formats, while Visual Knowledge Manager (VKM)was deployed to provide support for report visualization, document management services, and thin client access to reports via the web.

The Result

An archiving solution is now in production that includes support for print stream transformation, archiving services, and secure online document retrieval for a wide range of documents, including e-mail. The system now offers vertical and horizontal scalability to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises.