Document composition development services

DOC1 Development and Professional Services

Why choose a DOC1 Developer from S4 Software Solutions and S4 as your professional services partner?

Because we have more experience and skills as DOC1 Developers than any other supplier in the market. It was no accident that Group 1 chose S4 Software Solutions as a beta test site for their series 5 release.

DOC1 specific services

  • Project management
  • Application support
  • DOC1 application design
  • DOC1 application development
  • DOC1 application testing and implementation
  • Migration from previous versions of DOC1 to series 5
  • Skills transfer to your staff
  • Creation and maintenance on all type of DOC1 Post-Composition (PCE) scripts
  • DOC1 EMFE development
  • Other Post Composition Engine services
  • Full digital colour document composition in AFP
  • Software installation and configuration including
    • advice on how to set up your developer environments
    • specification, installation, configuration and support of Series 5 developer standalone and client-server systems
    • host engine installation, configuration and support

Other DOC1 related skills

  • Use of IBM Advanced Function Presentation (AFP)
  • Consultancy on all forms of document systems design
  • Development of bespoke COBOL applications
  • Development of secure cheque and draft systems to APACS standards
  • Production of alternative output media (e.g. PS, PDF)

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