Document composition development services

Statement and Document Testing
and Regression Testing

STREAMdiff is a competitively priced, high speed print stream comparison software tool that supports AFP, Line Data, Metacode, PDF, PostScript and PCL5 and runs on a Windows platform

Document Comparison Software Tool

DocDiff is a dedicated document comparison tool for testing and regression testing your print data streams. It can compare text blocks and paragraphs even when their location in the document changes. It is unique in its capabilities.

Visual Knowledge Manager
Robust print stream archive and retrieval

Visual Knowledge Manager (VKM) is a viewing, archival, retrieval, and distribution system that provides secure web-based access to a wide range of file types.

Adept Suite
Print Data Stream Transformation

ADEPTsuite is designed to significantly reduce the complexity and time that has traditionally been involved in managing a data stream transformation project

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