EBPP Case Study

Our Partner

An electronic document management solution provider that helps companies improve business practices and reduce costs with a system that handles the scanning, indexing, archiving, and retrieval of documents. Our technology is integrated as part of a full-service solution which securely handles the management and retrieval of electronic documents using any standard web browser.

The Client

A retail banking operation servicing many small business clients, with full support for Internet-based account management and financial transactions.

The Challenge

Our partner had the front end in place for a bill presentment system, but needed a back-end solution for transforming AFP print streams into HTML and PDF and administering and managing access.

The Solution

Visual Knowledge Manager (VKM)(VKM) was integrated with the bill presentment solution and was used to transform AFP statements into HTML and PDF documents and assist in managing their storage and retrieval.

 The Result

The turnkey bill presentment solution is now in production and currently processes in excess of 40 million statements per month.