Visual Knowledge Manager

Visual Knowledge Manager

VKMboxVisual Knowledge Manager (VKM) is a viewing, archival, retrieval, and distribution system. It provides secure web-based access. VKM dramatically improves productivity and customer service by providing fast access to information stored in your system. VKM can benefit any organization that needs hard copy replacement and on the fly instant access to this information.

VKM Workflow

After logging in, VKM presents the user with a web page work area that lets them easily locate documents through secured index searching or by direct retrieval. The user simply submits a query and VKM provides a list of documents that match the query.

When the user selects a document for viewing, VKM retrieves a copy of the document from the server where the document is stored, opens a viewing window, and displays the document at the requested page.

Since the system stores documents in their original format, VKM converts the document pages as needed into formats that workstations can view, print, fax, or email.

VKM process chart

System Integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors, and Service Bureaus use VKM to archive frequently accessed reports on high speed, disk storage volumes. VKM can automatically move reports to other types of storage media or delete them as they age. VKM supports Customer Relationship Management (CRM), helps customers find their own documents or invoices, and supports internal research.

VKM is configurable and scalable and can be seamlessly integrated into existing web solutions. The product includes web-front ends that can be easily customized to meet your organization's requirements. The web front ends also demonstrate the VKM Application Programming Interface.

VKM offers solutions to meet the needs of a multitude of customers within several vertical markets, including:

  • Application Service Providers (ASP)
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Archival
  • Print Management
  • Service Bureaus

For OEMs

VKM can be seamlessly integrated into existing web solutions, providing immediate, secure, web-based access to end user customer documents.

For Administrators

VKM provides administrators with easy to use GUI tools to manage VKM servers and report data and the ability to authorize access to these servers and the data stored in the system.

For End User Customers

VKM improves customer service by making information instantly available over the web. Authorized users/customers can view, print, and send or receive copies of documents from any location. Additionally, they may attach electronic notes to documents.