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General Questions

Can we call on the functions of the transform directly by our application?

Directly using our ADEPTsuite API.

With Xerox input, do you support DJDE structures of LCDS along with Metacode?

Yes we support DJDE structures of LCDS along with Metacode.

Is there a facility within ADEPTsuite to extract information from the input file that can be imported into a Database, for example DB2?
  • We can extract information to CSV or XML that can then be imported into any database.

Is ADEPTsuite Multi-threaded?
  • The ADEPTsuite batch processes can be run multiple times on one machine simultaneously.

Can you map paper trays from AFP or Metacode printers to PCL or PostScript printers?
  • Paper tray mapping from AFP or Metacode printers to PCL or PostScript printers is supported.

Can you manage all PCC bytes, such as IBM 3211,1401, etc.?

Yes, we handle all the Machine and ANSI PCC bytes.

Can you transform a specific number of pages or do you have to transform the entire file?

You can start and stop transforming pages anywhere you like or you can select to transform the entire file.

Can you change the name of an output file?

You can change the name of the output file by assigning a prefix, a length, and/or an index type of numeric, alpha field, or alphanumeric. For example, you can use an account number as an output file name.

Can ADEPTsuite work with AFP files with inline resources and resources called from libraries, interchangeably?

ADEPTsuite can work with AFP files with inline resources and resources called from libraries, interchangeably.

PDF Processing

When an AFP file is converted into PDF does the size change?

When an AFP file is converted into PDF once the fonts are mapped, the size is reduced to approximately 20% of its original size. As an example, a PDF file with no mapping is 93kb. Once converted from AFP to PDF with fonts mapped, the same file is 23kb.

Is compression available?

Compression is available for PDF

When a PDF is created, can it be split and indexed? For example, if my PDF file contains five customers and I want to search on their account number, can I do this?

ADEPTsuite lets you easily index files and extract information to CSV for XML formats. In addition, each file can be separated by index value, which can also be used as the output file names. For example, the account number, once it is indexed can be used as an output file name.

Can I insert an image onto each page of my PDF file to simulate pre-printed documents?

You can insert an image in PNG, GIF or JPEG format to simulate pre-printed documents.

Do I need to do font mapping in my PDF file?

You do not have to do font mapping in PDF. ADEPTsuite will convert characters to a Type 3 font, as needed. Only those characters used are added to the fonts, which keeps the file size small.

Can I add shading to my PDF file?

You can select shading options that will make the document lighter or darker. You can choose to set a gray scale saturation level based on a percentage and/or display text and shading in reverse.

What Adobe PDF versions are supported?

Adobe versions 1.2 and 1.3 are supported.

What types of data files can ADEPTsuite ingest to convert to PDF?

Files that can be converted to PDF include Metacode, AFP, Line Data, PCL, PDF, and PostScript.

Can you embed hyperlinks or bookmarks into the output PDF?

Currently, you cannot embed hyperlinks or bookmarks into the output PDF but we are looking into it and this capability is currently on our roadmap. There is bookmarking capability in the ADEPTsuite API.

Release information

How many customers do you have?

Hundreds of customers use ADEPTsuite.

What is the frequency of major releases?

Major releases are produced semi annually.

What is the frequency of minor releases?

Minor releases are produced quarterly.

What is the frequency of maintenance releases?

Maintenance releases are driven by customer demand.

What do you need to do to upgrade to a new release?

You need to run an easy to use Install Wizard to upgrade to a new release.

How far back are ADEPTsuite releases backward compatible?

Currently, all releases are supported.


Is ADEPTsuite Windows dependent?

ADEPTsuite setup and configuration must be performed on a Windows machine. The production or batch process can be run on Linux, Solaris or AIX.

Are the ADEPTsuite API's Windows dependent?

The ADEPTsuite API's are not Windows dependent.

What language is ADEPTsuite written in?

ADEPTsuite is written in C++. The ADEPTsuite APIs are “C” interfaces, which also have a Java interface.

What are the minimum system requirements?

The minimum system requirements are Pentium 3, 800 MHz with 128 RAM.

How old is ADEPTsuite?

ADEPTsuite was first developed in 2002.

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