Thunderhead and STREAMdiff

STREAMdiff is the perfect compliment to Thunderhead.

As you make changes to your Thunderhead document applications STREAMdiff will:

  1. Test the output
  2. Compare it to the original
  3. Flag up all differences
  4. Allow you to define the planned differences in an acceptance rule leaving only unplanned differences.

You can then create a report in PDF or text to send back to your development team outlining exactly the issues for fixing. OR sign off the changes with 100% confidence you've not missed any issues.

STREAMdiff removes the guesswork with testing and ensure there are no embarrassing document errors that leave your business.


We know you're busy but if you'd like to have a quick no obligation chat about STREAMdiff then please give Alan Tomkins a call on +44 (0) 7860 659076 or drop him an email at

Alternatively we've created a form, if that would be more convenient please fill it in and send it over.

Thanks you for your time.