STREAMdiff flow chart

STREAMdiff Features and Benefits

Compare AFP, Line Data, Metacode, PDF and Postscript. There is limited support for PCL, please contact us if you have a requirement.Shows discrepancies between the same output type and different output types from the same application
Interrogation of print data stream structures provides a detailed list of specific changes Easily identifies the attributes that have changed, e.g., position, font resolution, colour, as well as the cause of the change
Instant, visual confirmation or contradiction of expected testing results Identifies all expected and unexpected changes
Side by side view of two compared print data streams Ensures that all changes are quickly recognised
Visually different text, images, and graphics  identified Ensures that each type of change is easily identified
Acceptance or rejection of  selected changes Ignores expected changes in order to isolate unexpected changes
Selection of colour and appearance of change marks, including circles, squares, or arrows Provides the flexibility to choose how differences are viewed
Automatic creation of Audit Trail reports Tracks all accepted changes, the name of the user that accepted the change, and the date
Supports print streams from two different comparison tools When upgrading or migrating composition software, assists in the migration
Supports colour print streams Easily tracks colour changes
Global tolerance ignores slight movements of elements in comparison documents Provides an option to ignore slight changes in position
Merge capability combines two pages and displays the differences in reverse Easily spots white differences on a black background
Batch process Lets you run multiple print data stream comparisons overnight
Input data stream set up and configuration Configuration of print stream parameters for comparison in one easy step
Input data stream preview Ensures that all resources are available prior to comparing print data streams
Supports IBM AFP and Xerox Metacode and DJDE print streams Tracks changes for multiple print streams

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